Marketing Decision Support System definition
MkDSS is decision support system for marketing activities. This system comprises IT, marketing data, tools or software, modelling capabilities that enable the system to deliver the outcomes from different scenarios and marketing strategies.

Whereas decision support system is a set of interconnected computer programs and the data to support analysis and decision-making.

So, I write the complete definition below:
Set of related computer programs and data to support analysis and decision-making for marketing areas.

Typical of Decision Support system
Marketing Decision support system encompasses tools for:
1.What-if analysis.
2.Sensitivity analysis.
3.Pareto analysis.
4.Goal setting.
5.Exception reporting.
6.Forecasting analysis.
8.Simulation models.

Type of Decision
1.Unstructured decisions.
In the real world, there are a lot of decision is unstructured because it is not possible to specify most of decision procedure to associate.

2.Semi structured decisions.
In this decisions the parameter and procedures are mostly known so marketing information system can deliver support to decision-makers.

3.Structured decisions.
This is the ideal decisions where paramaters and procedure are known thoroughly so that marketing information system can provide an proper output to marketing decision makers.

Clasification of Decisions

1.Programmed decisions.
Decision that can be specified by a set of rules or procedures.

2.Non-programmed decisions.
Decision which are used for unstructured decisions.

3.Strategic decisions.
Decisions which have effect in the future time.

4.Organizational decisions.
Decision that reflects company’s goal and programs.

5.Tactical Decision.
This is the regular decisions and very common, you can call it routine decision. It is repetitive decision and perform in daily company’s activities.

Benefits of Marketing decisions support system
There are several advantages of implementing marketing decisions support system in your company.
1.Improve efficiency and save a time.
With run some procedure and automatically data management by software, you can save your time compared with perform those activities manually so that you can get efficient time and efficient decision.

2. Reducing cost.
With efficient time and procedures , it will reduce your cost.

3.Decision makers satisfaction.
Marketing decision support system help the decision making process so that decision makers feel confidence to decide a conclusion.

4.Enhance organizational communication.
Marketing decision support system aids to improve interrelated communication among the people in organization.