Journal of Product Innovation Management / 《新产品创新管理》杂志

Journal of Product Innovation Management: The premier academic journal in the field of innovation, new product development and management of technology. The Journal, which is owned by the PDMA, is dedicated to the advancement of management practice in all of the functions involved in the total process of product innovation. Its purpose is to bring to managers and students of product innovation the theoretical structures and the practical techniques that will enable them to operate at the cutting edge of effective management practice. Web site: www.pdma.org/journal.

《新产品创新管理》杂志:在新产品开发管理技术领域的核心学术杂志,由PDMA负责,致力于产品研发过程中管理实践的改进。其目标是为管理 者和产品开发者提供理论框架和实践方法,从而进行高效管理。网页:www.pdma.org/ journal