Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award / 杰出公司创新者奖

Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award: An annual PDMA award given to firms acknowledged through a formal vetting process as being outstanding innovators. The basic requirements for receiving this award, which is given yearly by the PDMA, are: 1. Sustained success in launching new products over a five-year time frame; 2. Significant company growth from new product success; 3. A defined new product development process, that can be described to others; 4. Distinctive innovative characteristics and intangibles.

杰出公司创新者奖:PDMA一年一度通过专业认证颁发给杰出创新公司的奖项。要荣获PDMA这个年度奖项,需要符合以下基本要求:1. 在开发新产品方面持续5年拥有新成果;2. 新产品的成功给公司带来显著的效益增长;3. 能明确定义新产品开发的流程;4. 独特的创新特征及无形资产。