Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) / 产品开发与管理协会

Product Development & Management Association (PDMA): A not-for-profit professional organization whose purpose is to seek out, develop, organize and disseminate leading edge information on the theory and practice of product development and product development processes. The PDMA uses local, national, and international meetings and conferences, educational workshops, a quarterly magazine (Visions), a bi-monthly scholarly journal (Journal of Product Innovation Management), research proposal and dissertation proposal competitions, The PDMA HandBook of New Product Development 1st and 2nd Editions, and The PDMA ToolBook 1 for New Product Development to achieve its purposes. The association also manages the certification process for New Product Development Professionals. Web site: www.pdma.org.

产品开发与管理协会(PDMA):探求、发展、组织和传播产品开发领域前沿理论与实践知识的非盈利性专业组织。在实现其目标的过程中,PD MA召开地方性、国家级和国际性会议,建立教育体系,创办季刊杂志(《展望》)和双月刊学术期刊(《产品创新管理》),审查提议和论文, 完成《PDMA新产品开发手册》(第一版)和《新产品开发工具书》(第一版)。PDMA还从事新产品开发专业人士的认证工作。网址:www.pdma.org.